Strength of Will, Always Burning

Strength of Will, Always Burning
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Here I will outline the current training I am under taking. My current stats can be found at MuscleandBrawn.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New equipment = WIN

April 4th, 2012 - Session#: 260
Weight: 212 lbs
135x1, 225x1x2
430xFx2 <-would've had it if my setup and path was a small amount more backwards.

a bunch of Clean & Jerks, power cleans, and snatches with 40,60 and 80 kg.
Training Notes
Wonderful day. I got an issue sorted out today, got my wrist wraps and singlet in the mail (thanks again to J Byrd) and the gym got a platform. I was the first to do a clean and jerk on it, and now I get to train in my singlet on saturday. The gym is closed on friday and sunday (average people holidays) and HERC410 will be at home so I will be doing a non-programmed session of form work, deadlift volume, overhead work, and assistance. Oh, yes, and shrugs. Many many shrugs.

-Aaron Rest of pictures -