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Strength of Will, Always Burning
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Response for storybookaffect on Twitter

Posts I'm responding to:
So what you're saying is you don't know what equality is because you're so entrenched in your own male privilege. Got it. I'm actually not at all interested in reading with you. Go take a Sociology class and listen to people who are actually oppressed if you want real equality, because you, as a white man who is probably heterosexual, are not oppressed and the things you will inevitably bring up as evidence of your oppression are either results of the patriarchy or you whining about the loss of your privilege, not the result of women being more powerful than men in western society. Yes, even the draft and custody cases and especially the friend zone.
Equality of opportunity is what we as a society need, not the equality of outcome ideal that fuels feminist ideas. For example, a business should not be forced to hire according to affirmative action policies, as this is unfair to those with better qualifications. Now what exactly do you mean by my male privilege? It seems to me you're using the common feminist tactic where you state that someone's genitalia can make them blind to the world around them.
Now, with regards to Sociology, the definition of being oppressed is "to burden with cruel or unjust impositions or restraints; subject to a burdensome or harsh exercise of authority or power". Nowhere in this would someone not being given special treatment  or rewards for work they have not done be defined. It would also appear that you're jumping to conclusions and ignoring some obvious evidence about me. My profile picture clearly shows I am black, and therefore do not fit the archetype that your feminist ideologues have constructed for the average MRA. I believe that you would find many of us to be far from the popularized caricature, including several notable female MRAs such as Erin Pizzey (who turns 74 today, and has seen more of the effects of feminism than either of us) and GirlWritesWhat. Now, can you provide evidence of these people who are actually oppressed, and of the patriarchy? I've seen no conclusive evidence of its existence, and plenty of strong arguments against it. When you mention some imagined resentment over a "loss of your privilege" I would stress that you learn that gender politics is not a zero sum game.
I love it when a woman rapes a little boy and he's called lucky by this misandrist society.
Ah yes, the bullshit claim that feminists condone rape of any kind, and that we're somehow at fault for our mostly male legislature not recognizing all rape, especially now that they're trying to redefine it to make it easier on rapists of all genders rather than their victims. MRAs: continuing to prove they have no idea what feminism is.
Feminists have driven the propaganda and campaigning on rape for a significant time, only to result in blaming men and the imagined patriarchy, pushing unfair legislation with their strong influence with the left (the heavily biased VAWA), and idea that having mostly men in government creates a bias against women (ignoring voting rates, etc). Feminists have also used blatant lies and extremely skewed statistics to bias society and legislation against men in all cases of rape. I do not care what you think feminism is, nor do I care of what your particular brand or flavour of feminism is. I care and deal with the actual effects of feminist action, and the areas of law and treatment in society where demographics are treated unfairly. The entitlement and coddling that feminism has afforded women is harmful to everyone in the long run. The false benefits feminism claims to have created are misleading and lead to further problems for society. If you want equality then it cannot be sought under the banner of feminism where the heart of the ideology follows misandric radical ideologues.