Strength of Will, Always Burning

Strength of Will, Always Burning
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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Meet Prep Plans

Meet day set. Toronto Pro SuperShow, June 1st.
Time to drop 6 lbs (to 83 kg class).
Main Goal: Do decent on my squat, with a minor 'meet PR', push myself this time on bench, and 500 lb pull.
Current weight: 85.6 kgs(188.8 lbs), 25.1 % BF (not taken in the morning)
Planned lifts
135 kgs(297.6 lbs)
155 kgs(341.7 lbs)
165 kgs(363.8 lbs) (minor meet PR)
85 kgs(187.4 lbs)
100 kgs(220.5 lbs)
117.5kgs(259 lbs) (9 lbs actual PR)
185 kgs(402.3 lbs)
200 kgs(441 lbs)
227.5 kgs(501.5 lbs) (26.5 lb actual PR)
Total between 405 kgs(893 lbs) and 510 kgs(1124 lbs)
Last Meet: 455 kg(1003 lbs) total