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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Response to an acquaintance

I came under fire from someone I knew on Facebook over the posting of this picture:

The points presented are important to bring to the light because they drive much of feminist action. The Pro-Male Human Movement seeks to create an egalitarian world, by opposing falsifiable, hateful and harmful ideologies such as feminism. Though some of this does seem generalized, if this is the source of more inequality in the world, then it must be mentioned. I agree that radical feminists will not be reached, those who espouse reducing men to 10% of the world’s population rarely ever want any sort of equality. The commonly-held beliefs that can be found in the ‘MRM’ are based in science and fact, often by poking holes in the biased statistics of feminists themselves. 
The marijuana legalization movement has done much to change how people think, however it does not need my help as much as the pro-male human movement.
On the actual points: 
1.       This is actually a key factor in some of feminist ideology, from much of the bullshit feminism says about history. Some examples of this the biased feminist action in the areas of rape and domestic violence
a.       Rape. Feminists lie and spread the 1-in-4 statistic, while only a simple glance through the actual study shows it to be grossly inflated, and the actual number to be something like 1-in-33. Men who go to prison and are raped are wholly ignored by feminists. But the main example I wish to tell you of is the one of feminist action within colleges. A number of American colleges have been subjected to a push to change the legal standard on rape. Yes. These people do not care about whoever is falsely accused, and some have admitted that they don’t care about a few extra innocent men going to prison for this. They want to change the standard to ‘a preponderance of evidence’. No-one would consider that actually fair and equal.
b.      Domestic Violence. ( "30.8 per cent (almost one in three) victims of domestic assault were male." "The SA Interpersonal Violence and Abuse Survey (1999)[4] found that 32.3 per cent (almost one in three) victims of reported domestic violence by a current or ex-partner (including both physical and emotional violence and abuse) were male."  )Ignoring this knowledge, some U.S. feminists have pushed for VAWA, or the Violence Against Women Act. This act, starting from the name and onward is a biased and unfair piece of legislation. And yet, when the organization SAVE, or Stop Abusive and Violent Environments proposed an edited version with the words “victim or victims” replacing everywhere the legislation said “woman or women” and the name Partner Violence Reduction Act, feminist outrage was obvious. How is there equality when they push to have more rights in the cases of DV?
2.       This is commonly said by feminist authors and an important part of the ideology. Much of the reason many feminists have issues with men is a form of penis envy since they believe of history to be some great oppression of women, far from reality. This is vital knowledge, because much of current action within society, nutrition, and other aspects of life are damaging testosterone levels and much of male self-identity.
3.       This is the biased flaw apparent in feminism, and one area we truly differ.  The groups within the ‘MRM’ do not seek for superiority, but for equality between the genders both throughout law and treatment in society.
4.       This is a point actually believed by radical feminists, you are correct.
5.       Also a point from the radical feminist doctrine.
6.       As mentioned earlier. Another example would be the non-hormonal male contraceptive pill, which many feminists have voice opposition to; since it would give men equal power in reproduction.
7.       This point is already more specific, but it has been seen in the Western world repeatedly. As we stand now, more women than men graduate college. Obama said that this was some sort of victory. How this can be considered anything other than the consequence of complete bias in the education system is ridiculous.