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Strength of Will, Always Burning
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Liberation through truth

·         In rape cases, the feminism generates a world-view where:
o   All men are rapists
o   Being the woman is synonymous with being a victim
o   To reduce rape, instead of encouraging something that was well-meaning and sound advice for women to stay safe, blame rape on men.
o   1 in 4 college women will experience sexual abuse
·         As it were, rape is not a one-way street and does indeed happen to many men.
·         Focusing on the 1 in 4 statistic, when the study is examined, some fiddling becomes apparent. The women who responded that they had never been raped but had had sex under ANY influence(even one drink), and a few other cases that would not be called rape by any layman’s standards, were included as having been raped. Why is this so? Feminists ironically, look at women as relatively weak-minded individuals. They believe that in many ridiculous cases, women cannot give consent. Some have even stated that women as a group are too weak to give consent to sex individually.
·         The feminist action on this issue has been most severe on college campuses, where they’ve moved to push for easier convictions in cases of rape accusations, by increasing the time limit a victim has to come forward, and lowering the standard of evidence required to a “preponderance of evidence” which could create a conviction on nothing other than a possibly false accusation.
o   4.8% of American men claim they have been forced to penetrate someone else. That’s more than three times the number who have actually been raped according to the FBI’s “penetration” definition of rape.
o   The 1 in 5 number for female victims in the CDC report also uses a definition of rape which conflates sexual harassment with sexual assault and rape, revealing a strong ideological bias.
o   While the CDC survey counts 1.3 million rapes of women in 2010, the total number of rapes and sexual assaults (of males and females combined) in the Justice Department survey was 188,380”. These two numbers are an entire order of magnitude apart.
o   Prison rape, due to the overwhelmingly male prison populations in western nations, also targets predominantly men and results in roughly twice as many men raped in prison each year than women raped outside of America’s prisons
·         Further reading:
Domestic violence (eg. VAWA)
·         Feminists play on the common belief of domestic violence solely being men beating on women. The actual statistics show:
o   "30.8 per cent (almost one in three) victims of domestic assault were male." "The SA Interpersonal Violence and Abuse Survey (1999)[4] found that 32.3 per cent (almost one in three) victims of reported domestic violence by a current or ex-partner (including both physical and emotional violence and abuse) were male."
·         In light of this evidence, it makes little sense for feminists, who purportedly desire to make the world a better place to push this repeated narrative that ‘men are oppressors and abusers, women are victims. If feminists want to do what is right, and reduce DV on the whole, it makes sense to look at both significant portions.
·         What do feminists actually do on this matter? They push biased legislation such as VAWA, oppose any proposed changes to the bill to make it more gender neutral and fair, and completely ignore other biases such as the numbers of safe houses for battered women versus men.
“The movement whose early second wave was funded by bankers and statesmen has driven a wedge of hatred into the heart of society, pitting men and women against each other, destroying the social cohesion of the family, leaving many women to lives of dependence on the state.”
Reproductive rights & male contraceptive pill
·         Feminists oppose any reproductive rights for men, hoarding power over everything that happens to a child after conception.
·         A known saying in cases where cheating may be involved is “Mommy’s baby, Daddy’s maybe.” The purpose is to note how a woman always knows that the child is hers, while the father does not without testing.
-Aaron T
Next time…the harms on people and society from feminism as well as its core: radical feminism.