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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Opposing Feminism =/= Misogyny

"Feminism is not a group of people. It is an ideology.
That’s a thing formed from ideas.
Many MRAs (men’s rights activists) oppose the ideology of feminism.
Feminists, those who believe in feminism, are people.
But they are special people, convinced the ideas of feminism must be true.
Even though feminists are people, who they are, and what they think, are separate things.
Who you are is your identity. You cannot easily change this.
What you think are your thoughts. Your thoughts change all the time.
This is true for other people too. People’s ideas and people’s identities are not the same things.
Some feminists pretend their selves and their ideas are the same thing. To them, disagreement with their ideas is the same as hatred of themselves.
Of course it is harder defend an idea than to cry out : “you hate me”.
Some feminists like to do what is easier, so they become skilled at saying “you hate me”.
They are good at this, and many observers have forgotten that their crying is fake.
They make an awful racket, and they have been doing so for many years. This ruckus is quite disturbing to everybody else.
Many other people also like to do what is easy.
For them, it is easier to give in to children throwing tantrums than to correct their error.
This is the error in which disagreement is the same thing as hatred.
By contrast, some people don’t want to do what is easier.
They prefer to do what is right.
When cranky children say: “you hate me” these individuals don’t take the easy way out. They don’t simply give those children whatever they demand.
Unlike things formed from ideas, women are people.
They are human beings, like you, and like me.
Hatred of people based on their identity has a special word. That word is bigotry.
Because they are people, hatred of women has a special word too. That word is misogyny.
When that word is used to describe disagreement with ideas, it is used incorrectly.
Pretending disagreement is the same as hate is a trick. It is a trick to cultivate shame, or to silence those who disagree. This trick is easier than forming logical arguments around an idea. Sadly, this trick is dishonest and lazy.
Some people are in love with their own ideas. These people know that there is a difference between themselves and their ideas. But they do not defend their ideas.
Instead, they pretend disagreement with those ideas is hate against themselves.
Some people are so much in love their own ideas, they become confused.
This confusion causes them to mix up what is themselves, and what is an idea.
When faced by disagreement, these people become angry and upset. For them, disagreement with an idea is the same as hate against themselves.
This is because they have mixed themselves up.
They have forgotten that themselves and their ideas are not the same things.
For these people, pretending disagreement is actually hate diverts attention away from their ideas.
It sometimes even distracts others if those ideas are not very good.
Bad ideas can be sheltered by distracting those who disagree.
Claiming “you hate me” or “you hate women” is dishonest and lazy, but it works well as a change of topic.
Some people who play this game of distractions are filled with hate.
Hate, for them, is a special kind of fear.
Those people filled with fear and hate will hide themselves behind their game of pretend.
So, they say those who disagree with them are also full of hate.
This is easier for them than being honest.
This game also gives them an excuse to play the role of victim.
When they talk, it sounds just like this:
you just hate women! you’re a misogynist!
To adults, these people seem to be dishonest and tiresome liars." John the Other,