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Strength of Will, Always Burning
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

John Adam Ziolkowski: Attention of Toronto feminists of UofT, regarding ...

John Adam Ziolkowski: Attention of Toronto feminists of UofT, regarding ...: Instead of forming a physical wall preventing those interested in civil discussion from getting to a talk... Instead of calling us rap...

From Reddit:

Just as with the protests against and tearing down of AVFM's "men's rights are human rights" posters, I see the feminist knee-jerk, blind protest of Dr. Farrell's visit as confirmation of something I've been saying about them all along.
They didn't want to hear what he had to say because it didn't matter to their cause. Their cause isn't fighting to right wrongs within the concepts they articulate as women's issues. These concepts are largely inventions of the movement, not to describe real, existing phenomena and circumstances faced by women, but to use as weapons in a gender war against men. Feminists don't fight for rights; they fight for power. The MRM doesn't threaten women's rights; it threatens feminist power.
That is why their response to efforts at promoting gender equality is to spew hatred and vitriol, level false accusations regarding the nature of the movement in general and whatever specific event they're protesting, and deliberately mischaracterize the participants. They cannot tolerate a movement which actually does what they claim as their purpose, because success in that effort would take away from their political power."