Strength of Will, Always Burning

Strength of Will, Always Burning
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Paused Squat PR, and dipping under 200 lbs

October 17th, 2012 - Session#: 9
Weight: 199.5 lbs
Squat (p = paused)
315x1p PR(for paused squat)
Bench Press
185x2px2, 3px3
Close Grip Bench Press
165bx3x2 (skipped some for time)
Training Notes
Good training session, left early to eat before class. Things are moving along well. Today's training was ok, I should've done my full sets of close grip bench press. Since I do pause squats 3 days a week on this program, I'm going to make wednesday purely regular squats. I will also raise some of the paused bench weights

Facebook status from earlier:

To people that steal my damn weights in the gym. It's not hard to ask, I'm standing within 7 feet of you. Every time I come to a new piece of equipment, I organize everything there. I then gather any missing plates that I need. I've done the same thing since I moved on from the whole in the wall at STA. The rack I'm using is not for you to take whatever you need. That is what weight trees are for. And one more thing, if I let you go(which usually means you scampered off like a scared squirrel), at the very LEAST have the decency and respect for gym etiquette to put your damn weights away. No matter how new you are to the gym(like the ass who tried to steal Phil's belt) your parents surely taught you to clean up after your damn self.
To be clear, they are not "MY" weights, though if they are on the rack or machine I'm using, it is expected that you ask before taking them, as it can often be assumed that I searched for and gathered them.