Strength of Will, Always Burning

Strength of Will, Always Burning
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Here I will outline the current training I am under taking.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Training Outline

Training Outline: (will probably edit this later)

For the most part, the same as what HERC is doing.

Pause Squat (I want my squat work to be above 250 lbs (65% of 385), and feel some paused work will benefit my hips and my squat strength. I also don't need form work right now.)
255+ x2-3x6
Paused Bench (Time to practice and prepare for competitions next year, as well as increase strength.)
up to 195x2x2
up to 185x3x3
Close Grip (Dem Triceps)
Deadlift (For the obvious reasons)
Pendlay Row (More back work, more for hypertrophy, since I want a proper back.)

Paused Squat
255+ x2x6
BTNPP (To have something heavy overhead, and push shoulders while fresh)
135 x2x2
Military Press (More shoulder work and more pressing are currently needed.
95+ x3x5
Barbell Row (Back Work, first some heavy stuff for strength, then some volume)
Face Pulls, Curls (Extra stuff, Bench stability, Shoulder health)

Weekend Session:
Pause Squat (Just warmup)
Warmup to 275
Concentric (Bottom Position)Anderson Squats (Should be fun, work with some heavy squats, I think these will give me some experience and garner some better skill at squatting heavy weight. I decided to do these (well, try them, I may still change) concentric only since we don't have boxes of various sizes at the university gym, and deloading the weight onto the pins and then starting from there is incredibly difficult. I figure I might as well just do the concentrics, and get used to starting off the pins as I lower them. This may prove overly easy after our squat lockout work, so we'll see.)
405 or 410 or 420 x1x1-2
Pause Squat (I'll be increasing the volume & weight of these)
225x2x3 +
Good Mornings (Some volume on my posterior chain, probably just one set)
Front Squats (These will help me work towards a midsection as strong as Louie Simmons (hopefully), but since my last few attempts at learning them have been brief and poor, I'm going to try a lower-rep approach. I'll start with form work with the bar and light weights for triples, then gradually make these into a movement I'm proficient in, still at low rep ranges. I primarily want them to increase stability and strengthen my core, as I'm confident my quad strength is not an issue)
Military Press (First some heavy singles, then 5x5 for strength)
Hip Thrusts (Actual posterior chain strength work)
T-Bar Rows (Free-weight rowing that doesn't involve a bar on my sweat pants, done for back volume and hypertrophy)
Dips (For building triceps)
As many sets as needed, 50, add 5 more per week
Maybe interval running, or another form of cardio (Maybe, but knowing myself, unlikely)